Consultancy based on in-depth and wide-ranging technological expertise and insights into processes accompanies our products.
Our products and the reliability inherent in their design, construction and manufacture are further enhanced by strong project management. In our opinion, no plant is complete until the people who are assumed responsible for its daily operation know exactly how it should be operated, controlled and maintained.

More than 50 years of experience with designing plants on the global market is a fundamental part of the consultancy we give our clients in all matters concerning plant improvement. Together with the thorough knowledge of crop handling this consultancy contributes to a successful project presentation. A well prepared project presentation is the actual foundation of a plant, which, during the daily operation 24 hours a day, is running satisfactorily.


At Cimbria, we have built up a profound and market leading specialist know-how within development and turn-key solutions. A know-how that has been achieved by intensive research and teamwork with clients from all over the world.

When we design process plants and complete solutions, such particular know-how is used to create a total overview. This results in solutions ensuring that all parts of a plant are co-ordinated in an optimum way – and that the daily operation as well as the subsequent maintenance is as unproblematic as possible.


To operate consistently at the designed level of performance, it is essential for plant, machinery and equipment to be correctly installed. We have the advantage of our own teams of skilled, qualified and experienced installation engineers.


We provide maintenance support and training services to ensure long term, smooth running efficiency.

Cimbria Heid personnel performs these operations at customer’s premises, providing a complete and detailed explanation on machine functioning. The customer’s staff will be duly trained during the machine start-up by one of Cimbria’s experienced technical engineers.


As the world´s largest producer of seed processing machinery Cimbria holds extensive in-house stock of spares and screens.
Efficient electrical-mechanical after sales service minimizing down time and production losses.